Delta involves three modules: the exam (Module One), the coursework portfolio (Module Two), and the extended assignment (Module Three). You can do one, two or all three of them. You will receive a certificate for any module you pass, but if an institution specifies that you should have the Delta, they usually require that you should have passed all three.

You can now complete all three modules either in Turkey or in your country of residence.

Part-tIme or INTENSIVE?

The Delta is an extremely demanding course. If you can do Module Two part time you have more time to absorb ideas, try them out and make changes in your practice. Most people on the part time course complete their portfolio in six months. The work in the portfolio you submit should be dated within the year leading up to your submission date, so while there is some flexibility if it is needed, once you have started Module Two you need to complete and submit. The fact that it usually takes six months is both the main advantage (you have more time to do things) and the main disadvantage (it will have a significant impact on your free time for most of that period). The ITI part time course has a higher pass rate (around 95% of portfolios submitted) than the intensive course.

If you do Module Two intensively you complete most of the written assignments and all of the assessed LSAs (background assignments and lessons) in the space of six weeks. The fact that it takes six weeks is both the main advantage (your life will be dominated by the Delta for a shorter period of time) and the main disadvantage (it makes the course very very pressurized). You will eat, sleep and breathe Delta for that space of time. You should not be doing anything else. If you come to Istanbul to do it, you will not have much chance to see the city. Plan sightseeing before or after the course. The intensive version of the course immerses you in the experience and has a higher rate (around 90%) of participants who complete and submit than the part time course.

The part time or intensive question only really applies to Module Two. We do run 'intensive' versions of both Module One and Module Three in June each year, but they are courses for people who can come to Istanbul and like a little more of the F2F element in their studying. The courses show you what you need to know / do in order to succeed in the exam or the extended assignment, but in both cases you would then go on to do the bulk of the work more extensively over the next few months with on line support from us.

Blended (WITH some face to face elements) or fully on-LINE?

You must be in Istanbul to do an intensive Delta Module Two with us. If you are not based here and you want to do the part time Module Two, think about coming here. It is an amazing city and there are lots of different opportunities to teach English. If that doesn't sound feasible, then look at the part time online version of the course (more details of how that works on the Module Two page).

We have had people doing Module One and Module Three fully on line since 2009 and teachers from the Falkland Islands to Indonesia have succeeded in the exam and with the extended assignment after doing a course with us. Equally if you are in Istanbul but your work hours aren't as flexible as you would like, you could do either of the courses entirely on line. What do you gain by coming to the office for the sessions ? On Module One the opportunity to experience activities, methods and techniques that you can exploit in your own classes, camaraderie and a chance to network. The same is true of Module Three, but there are fewer sessions. So if you can attend, you could get quite a lot out of it, but it isn't essential.