Module 1

The exam consists of two 90 minute exam papers, with a 30 minute break between them. Through input, projects and exam tasks, we introduce you to the kinds of things that can come up in the exam and how you might deal with them so you can work out how much and what you need to study. This how much and what will vary enormously from teacher to teacher depending on your background and learning history.

The Online Delta exam preparation course consists of ten blocks. Each block includes some input on two or three areas that may come up in the exam, encourages you to participate in a group project to explore one of those areas, provides further reading and study ideas and has one or two exam tasks for you to try. You get individual feedback from a tutor on these last tasks.

On the part time courses (one starting each September and one starting each March) we have a couple of online live input sessions planned for all course participants to attend. Even if you will not be able to attend all the sessions, you will still have access to the input materials on the day the sessions are held (as guided discovery tasks and video) and other aspects of the course (projects and exam practice) are exactly the same and can be completed fully on line. Everyone works together on the projects. How much study time you will need will depend on your background knowledge, but it is likely to be a minimum of 10-15 hours a week. The on line Moodle room we enroll you in stays open indefinitely and you can continue to use it for further self study (or to catch up with any tasks or activities you missed) until you have passed the exam.

The exam always starts at 10.00 on the first Wednesday in December and the first Wednesday in June. You will need to be able to get to an exam centre to do it. We are a Cambridge authorized centre, so you will be able to sit the exam in Ankara. If you are based outside Turkey you should look for your nearest exam centre on the web site where they have an exam centre search box. We will help you through the entry process with the centre you choose. You do not have to enter the exam in the session immediately following your course. You can choose to take more time to prepare if you wish. When you do decide to enter you will be asked to pay an entry fee to Cambridge English and this is non-refundable (so if you have to enter the exam again you will need to pay the entry fee again). You can read more about how the course works and the thinking behind it in chapter 9 of this British Council teaching publication on Blended Learning.