Delta Module 3

You design a course for a group of learners and write a 4500 word assignment about what you needed to know and how you went about the whole process. You need access to the group to be able to do a fairly wide ranging needs analysis on them, but do not necessarily have to be teaching them yourself during the process and do not have to teach the course (only design it).

This Module is completed entirely on line and we also have a couple of online live input sessions planned for the course participants to provide additional guidance. The same information is available in guided discovery form on line. You are encouraged to send in draft versions of your assignment at five stages for feedback from a tutor.

Most teachers will choose to do the course design extended assignment for Module Three, but there is an ELTM option and we can support you in doing that as well. How do you know which one would suit you ?

For both assignments you will write four linked sections getting draft feedback on each section.

For both assignments you will find it a more useful learning experience if you focus on something you have some experience of already.

Module Three or Module Three management option?

Module Three

You identify what a group of learners need and design a course to meet those needs.

You must have access to a group. You don’t have to be teaching them, though you will need to collect data from them, so it is easier if you are.

You choose a specialism from a list (which includes things like EAP, business English, teaching monolingual classes and young learners) and read and write about that specialism

You work with a group that fits with that specialism and do a needs analysis to establish priorities for about 20 hours of a course (which might be standalone or 20 hours of a longer course).

You set goals for the course based on the priorities you have identified and design a course which should allow them to meet those goals.

You devise assessment tools that will help you establish whether the course has met its aims and also show how you will evaluate it.

You read about your specialism, but also about:

  • needs analysis

  • course design

  • assessment

If you are not sure about whether you would enjoy this option or not, try reading

Graves 2000 Designing Language Courses Heinle and/or Richards 2001 Curriculum Development in Language Teaching CUP

Module Three ELTM

You identify a need in a language teaching organisation (LTO) and plan a change that would meet that need.

You must be able to access some organisational information (about staff or customers or things such as marketing).

You choose a specialism from one of four management areas (academic management, human resource management, customer service, and marketing) and read and write about that specialism.

You focus on an aspect of the LTO and use situation analysis tools to identify key priorities for improvement in this aspect of the LTO.

You set out a change proposal to address a point for improvement. It will have aims and objectives that fit with the strategic goals of the LTO.

You show how the change will be put into practice, how the change process will be managed and how you will evaluate outcomes.

You read about your specialism, but also about

  • management data analysis

  • strategic management & organisational improvement

  • change management

  • project management

If you are not sure about whether you would enjoy this option or not, try reading

White, Hockley, Jansen & Laughner 2008 From Teacher to Manager CUP and/or Robbins & Judge 2010 Organizational BehaviourHarlow, Pearson.

The ELTM option is not tied to dates (the date listed below is a result of web site mechanics), but is run as an on going course. You can start when you are ready, though you can only submit completed assignments at the beginning of June or December each year.